Levociraptor Gen 2 for Levo 2019-2022, Kenevo 2020-2022, Levo/Kenevo SL, Creo SL, Vado SL

Speed Deregulator

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Levociraptor Gen 2 for Turbo Levo 2019-2022, Turbo Kenevo 2020-2022, Levo SL, Creo SL, Vado SL, Kenevo SL
● Remove the speed restriction for Levo SL, Creo SL and Vado SL with Specialized motor
● Very easy to mount and to remove (less than 1 minute)
● 5 different speed limits selectable via Bluetooth with dedicated free App or BLEvo
● Barometer* for altitude calculation and Thermometer* for logging ambient temperature
● Crash detection* with message notification with GPS position
● Automatic restore of the speed restriction after crash*
● Interaction with the SmartPower of BLEvo to allows a significant improvement in reactivity and fluidity in the delivery of engine power* (Not for SL)
● Firmware updatable via Smartphone

*Feature available only if the ride is recorded with BLEvo App

Please note that setting 4 is the highest option available for 2022 Levo Generation 3.

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